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Medical Assistant vs Related Careers

Medical AssistantIf you are unsure whether a career in medical assisting is right for you, the obvious next step is to compare it to other, but highly related careers. Who knows? You may find something you like better. If you’re interested in exploring alternative options and careers related to medical assisting, we have compiled a list of relatable careers for you to cross-check and compare.

In order to accommodate a wide range of personalities and tastes, we have a compiled a list of compatible careers that are similar to medical assisting. The following articles contain comparisons to medical assisting and how they stack up in 4 main areas: training requirements, duties & responsibilities, employment prospects, and salary figures.

Note: Although exceptions do exist, we chose these careers because they were found to be comparable to medical assisting in salary, education requirements, career advancement prospects, demand, and other career-centric variables. Please check back later as we continually add careers.

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