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Medical Assistant Schools in North Dakota

North Dakota is a state of wild beauty and modern convenience. People who live in North Dakota love the enigma that is one of our northernmost states. If you live in North Dakota and want to enter the medical assisting career field, you may find that there is great competition for open positions. However, the medical assistant salary in the state is above the national average, making the career worthy for those who are interested. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are currently between 40 and 2,080 medical assistants working in the state. This means that North Dakota is in the bottom tier for medical assistant employment. However, the Bureau also reports that t medical assistant salary is between $30,870 and $32,380 in the state, placing it a bit above the average for the country.

Before you can start working as a medical assistant, you must get the proper education and training. Currently there is one school in North Dakota that offers an ABHES-accredited training program. This accreditation is important because it qualifies students to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant examination after graduation. While medical assistants are not required to become certified, many employers will show preference to candidates who hold this credential. This means that becoming certified will help you get hired for the best jobs and can help you earn at the higher end of the pay range.

Rasmussen College

  • Accreditation: ABHES
  • Tuition: $299/credit
  • Program: Diploma, Associate’s degree
  • Located in Fargo and Bismarck, Rasmussen offers accredited diploma and associate’s degree programs in medical assisting. The diploma program consists of 15 months of classroom and laboratory instruction combined with hands-on training in a real world healthcare facility. Students who choose to earn an associate’s degree in medical assisting from Rasmussen can earn a degree in 19 months of full-time study. Both programs prepare students to perform the clinical and administrative aspects of the job and qualify students to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant examination upon graduation. Rasmussen has also locked tuition, guaranteeing that continuously enrolled students will not see a tuition increase until graduation.